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Let me show you what it would be like to pickup a Clock and see it in your mind how it works, the many wheels turning so slowly that it takes a week to unwind. Taking it a step further, how could these wheels be made to run so precisely and why do they stop after many years of running. How to recognize the worn area's and know how to repair it back to original health. This is what I show and explain in my Video's.
Make yourself a Holiday Gift of my Video's and see a new world of how things work and teach yourself something that you will never forget.
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Welcome to My Clock Shop, here I have made Video's of my daily work repairing Antique Clocks. This idea came to me to show my Students what Clocks I've finished since the last time we met, along with any parts I've made.


In my Video's you will see how to Repair Clocks, Plain and Simple. And Yes, you can do it too!! There are some tools to buy but even as a Hobby it will pay for itself as time goes on.

At first glance, people see a little machine that has lots of parts and look for someone to repair it. This will always be benificial, they'll bring it to you! And gladly pay to have their little Treasure brought back to Life.


Together with my Youtube Technical Tips I'll take you through the process of Clock Repair. If your good at following lots of easy steps, you'll see how to bring these mechanical marvels back to working order.


My Video's are Movement Specific, showing Your Clock from removing from the Case, disassembly, cleaning, polishing, look and recoignise problems, repair techniques, assembly and testing. I talk you through all my Video's as if your sitting next to me.

When you finish your First clock, send Pictures to my Email

I'm getting quite a collection for our Photo Album!!


These are Great Gift Idea's for the Do-It-Yourself'er in your Family!!

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Al Takatsch

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